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Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

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I. Introduction:

ZHW-100model automatic horizontal type boxing machine is our new product which are small size ,light weighing, widely application and high speed .Meanwhile this machine can match with the vertical packing machine to achieve full automatic unmanned production .This machine can satisfied packing for food, chemical additives, pharmaceutical and so on .

II.Main performance structural features:
1. Automatic feeding, open box, into the box, sealed boxes and other packaging forms, compact structure, simple operation and adjustment;
2. Using a servo / stepper motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, human-machine interface displays clearer and easy operation, high degree of automation, more humane;
3. Adopt automatic detection photoelectric eye tracking system, if there is no product on the conveyor, then the carton will not be fetched or opened, so, packing material to maximize savings;
4. Have big packaging range, easy to adjust, enabling fast switching between a variety of sizes;
5. Replace the specifications without changing the mold, can be done by simply adjust, PLC automatically display speed and finished products counting
6. If the products into the box is not in the right place, then machine will automatic shutdown and main drive motor overload protection device will be on work for safe and reliable;
7. Using the turn-style security shield, simple, beautiful appearance.
8. The machine uses suction box on the pull, open boxes stable, the machine structure is the latest designs.
9. with device for auto manual-book inset function.

III. Main Performance Parameters:
1.Machine Model: ZHW
2. Packing speed: 30-90 boxes / min
3. Carton size range: L (70-250) mm × W (30-200) mm × H (20-110) mm
4. Paper tray requires: 250-450g / m3
5. Motor power 1.5KW
6. Power type phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
7.Machine noise ≤80dB
8. Gas source 0.5-0.8 Mpa
9. Air consumption 120-160L / min
10. Dimensions 3300 × 1350 × 1650 mm
11. Total Weight 1200Kg

1.The packing machines will be wrapping by film firstly and then  packed in export standard plywood wooden cases;

2.We can delivery machines by sea,train,air,etc. According to customer's requirement;

3.We will delivery machine from any sea port in China

Efficient Service


English version manual book and wires connecting drawing will be give at the time of dispatch of machine, we will also offer the documents for custom to clean custom.


The machine is guaranteed for trouble free performance for a period of 12 months from commissioning.


We can arrange and send engineer abroad for helping customer install and test and learn the machines, we also send necessary spare parts in first time.

Hefei Vactec Packaging Technology Co., Ltd is located in the famous science and education city-Hefei. Our company is a high-tech company specialized in the R&D, production ,sales and after-sales service automatic packing machines and relative auxiliary equipments in China.

Vactec sets up six professional divisions: vertical packaging machinery, bag-feeding packaging machine, automatic weighing machine, vacuum packaging machine, inspection machinery and filling machinery. The machines are widely used in chemical, building material, food ,beverage, beer and automatic logistic industries.

Through these years development, Vactec various technology are improving daily. Especially the technology of heavy bag packaging machine and secondary packaging machine is the domestic original technology, its products stay at the world leading level and has signed global purchase strategic plan with several world top 500 enterprises, has provided nearly one hundred sets of packaging solutions and its products are used in various sectors. Its typical customers are: Unilever (OMO), P & G, Charoen Pokphand Group, Liby Group, Industrias Alimenticias Gustossi Srl Group, UCI Indonesia salt company, Yihai Grain and Oil, COFCO, Dongfang Yuhong Technology Co., Ltd., Taetee Group, Sinopec Baling Branch, Zhengzhou Sanquan Foods, Shuanghui Co., Ltd., etc.

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